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Tales of a Net Geek


Trust and open source
We hear it all the time from the winvocates, "You need to trust someone," and then they go on to try to equate trusting a debian or...

On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 08:31:00 -0800,

While it doesn't help *now*. I have long been a fan of tcpdump, and it's abilities to buttist with tracking down network issues. Add netcat to that also.

On that note. We are in the middle of a network redo, replacing the flaky DSL, with a pair of bonded T1 lines, through a couple of nice Ebay sourced CISCO 3620 routers. Great, except as part of the network reorg, the jetdirect box, is on the "old" office ip,, while the new network is, because the NOC machines are also on and we want the dev boxes to be able to straight in via the T1. So.. none of the XP boxes (three of the horrid beasts) could print to the jetdirect, when they were buttigned new IPs in the .100 space, the linux boxes had no problem of course, simply add a route to the routing table, pointed to the jetdirect, and point it to the eth interface. I have no idea how to do that with XP, or indeed, if it can even be done. Fortunately, a one line addition to inetd.conf on the samba server (which has ips on both nets) and port 9100 is redirected to the jetdirect, and the XP boxes are happy. Well, as happy as they ever are. Eventually, the .10 in the office will go away, and I can remove that one easy to use, line in the inetd.conf... But for now, the duct tape holds.

Windows for Linux Wannabe's 3347
I don't recall the Mac version having transparency. The Mac I used is no longer mine (it replaced one that no longer works), so I'm not going to...

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-- "Hacking's just another word for nothing left to kludge." - Anon.

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Trust and open source

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Tales of a Net Geek