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The GNULinux Cult Phenomenon was: Linux Day proof Linux is a cult


After reading cola for a while, most respect for Linux flies out the Windows(tm).

Huh? You think anybody with inclinations toward the technical is automatically going to like Linux?

What a load of doo-doo.

Of course Windows *is*thestandard OS.

It's all that hot air you spew. You need to shorten your posts, Rex.

Linux Day proof Linux is a cult
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Trolls' Purpose 13465
In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Thomas Wootten wrote on Tue, 01 Nov 2005 19:30:25 +0000 s-campaign on-run on their hardware One could quibble about fairness here...

I sort of agree with you on the technical side - in that it's a flexible, configurable, powerful OS.

Philosophically I'm kind of neutral-slightly down on GNU-GPL. It's very doubtful I would ever give away under the GPL an application I could otherwise sell. I disagree with nearly every stance Richard Stallman posts on his website (it's almost like he's Bizarro DFS).

Trolls' Purpose
I wrote a post a while ago wondering what the purpose of the trolls might be. * Fill the Web with anti-Linux content for search engines? * Derail serious conversation-action...

And exactly why isn't that person also a professional?

Trolls' Purpose 13464
Thomas Wootten Absolutely! Here is my 17th attempt at draft legislation.... The Engines of Democracy Astro Turfing Rights Bill -------------------------------------------------- 1. All astro...

It is forced on people in the sense that some businesses and governments now mandate its usage, so employees who want to keep their jobs will have to use it.

This is the part of the post where the Linux idiot's brain freezes up and he shouts rote stupidity and lies.

How could you, of all people, forget Linux is free! ?

Of course free is the only reason it's a threat to MS desktop. You think anyone in their right mind would pay for a Linux distro what they would pay for the 'equivalent' closed source. (I put equivalent in quotes because CSS software generally has no equivalent in the OSS world - just pretenders and borrowers).

They are smart. They have monopoly positions in computer OS's and office productivity software. They generate $40 billion in revenue a year, just from computer code. They beat down dozens of compebreastors through the years.

I think it would be a big money-losing proposition for them to port Office to Linux. A tiny, tiny market share composed of lots of MS-haters isn't the right place to sell.

It's very simple. They hate MS for one reason and one reason only: they have had to pay for MS software in the past. That's it.

It's all about cost and money, and MS getting too much of it.


Will you lay off the Aspie angle? It's in all your posts, and it's tiresome. While I believe you think you suffer, your posts indicate intelligence and high-functioning (for a Linux user).

You once told me that, as an Asperger's Syndrome sufferer, you couldn't recognize sarcasm. But a month later you accused me - rightly - of making a sarcastic statement. What gives?

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Linux Day proof Linux is a cult

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The GNULinux Cult Phenomenon was: Linux Day proof Linux is a cult