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The Linux Community is Killing Linux. I Thought This Was the FAQ 3783

Welcome to comp.os.linux.advocacy, otherwise known as cola. This FAQ will try to address most of the issues regarding Linux and this group. Unlike the other FAQs, this one will try to be as realistic as possible. If you want the straight information from real people, continue reading.

Here's a list of some frequently asked and answered question here and elsewhere that you may find useful in your quest to try linux.

The Linux Community is Killing Linux. I Thought This Was the FAQ 3784
B Gruff Interesting. I can't seem to find any references to your FAQ Mr. Gruff. I do find the one listed below in various places on the net. Now, with...

SECTION ONE - INSTALLATION --------------------------

1.1 Q: I heard linux was easy to install, is it? A: Very. Several times easier and faster than Windows.

1.2 Q: Once I get it installed, then what? A: Then you will have a stable, secure, virus-free system.

1.3 Q: What happens if I'm in the middle of an install and the installation freezes or just stops? A: Quit worrying - it won't happen. If you are the nervous sort, try a LIVECD first. 1.4 Q: What's the deal?! I installed Linux and it took up almost 2GB hard drive space! A: Including browsers, full Office Suite, CD-DVD burning S-W, several excellent editors, photo-viewing S-W, games, image-editing S-W and a host of utilities and other stuff? Amazing, isn't it? So, everything you need, all installed within an hour, including firewall, and only about 99% of your hard drive left?

(more to come...)

SECTION TWO - CONFIGURATION ---------------------------

2.1 Q: What's with all these cryptic files? A: All ASCII text files - no cryptic Registry here:-) Relax:-)

2.2 Q: What is killall, HUP, ls, cat, rm, which, etc and why are these programs telling me to do them? Arggg!! A: Don't be silly - they aren't telling you to do anything. Someday, you'll learn just what some of those are. Meanwhile, think of them as a ping command in Windows - if you don't know what it is, you don't need it:-)

(more to come...)

SECTION THREE - APPLICATIONS ----------------------------

3.1 Q: Where can I get some programs to run on linux? A: Good question. If you got SUSE, you got most of what you'll ever need!

3.2 Q: I tried to install an RPM but I got 'failed dependencies', what is that? A: If you got SUSE, it probably didn't happen, did it?

3.3 Q: What is compiling and configure, make and make install? And what is a makefile? A: These all refer to things you can't do in Windows. - so why are you worrying? Someday, you'll realise just how powerful Linux is. THEN is the time to ask.

The Future May Be Neither Linux Nor Windows
This gets a little weird. Earthlink, in their wisdom (probably at the prompting of SBC-Pac Bell), decided that I needed to...

3.4 Q: Can I go to my local store to buy any Linux applications? A: You don't need to - if you got SUSE, just look on your CDs:-) (more to come...)

SECTION FOUR - SPEED ISSUES ---------------------------

4.1 Q: Why is Linux so slow? A: It isn't. You clearly haven't installed it yet. (more to come...)

SECTION FIVE - CONSISTENCY --------------------------

5.1 Q: Why are the windows different looking? A: They are as different or as same as you want them to be.

The Windope eXpee Homo Edition Community is Killing Clippy. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!! 3786
I paid nothing for that version as well, in fact I got it before they had triggers-and-stored-procedures-and...

5.2 Q: Should I buy Suse Linux? A: If you wish. It's very cheap. Alternatively, simply download it for free (gratis) quite legally.

(more to come...)

SECTION SIX - LINUX COMMUNITY -----------------------------

6.1 Q: What is RTFM?! A: This is an acronym for Read The Fuc*ing Manual.

6.2 Q: Why does everyone think they are better than you when using Linux? A: They don't. It's simply that they (if you are a Windows user) are a lot better off than you are - they don't have Registry problems, don't suffer from viruses, don't need to defrag drives, don't have systems slowing down with time.... they are just happy people, and feel sorry for Windows users.

(more to come...)

SECTION SEVEN - LINUX ADVOCACY, HELPING OR HURTING? ---------------------------------------------------

7.1 Q: Everyone in here says linux is perfect, why would they say that if it isn't? A: They don't say that. Simply that it's infinitely better than Windows - and you are right - they wouldn't say it if it were not true.

7.2 Q: Why does everyone call you a troll when you ask something that questions linux? A: They don't. It's just that they have come to recognise trolls - like the silly one that started this thread

A: Fairly similar to above. (more to come...)

SECTION EIGHT - LINUX EVANGELISM, ZEALOTS ----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

8.1 Q: There are some people that call this FAQ lies and seem to treat it like it's a conspiracy against them, and post all sorts of links to anti-microsoft articles. Why are they reacting so strongly? A: They are just Windows users. Just make sure that *you* aren't one of them:-)

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The Linux Community is Killing Linux. I Thought This Was the FAQ 3784

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The Linux Community is Killing Linux. I Thought This Was the FAQ 3782