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The Linux Community is Killing Linux. I Thought This Was the FAQ

Oh, here we go with the defacing a perfectly good FAQ... Let's put some CORRECTIONS in, shall we?

WRONG! With the NVidia Linux drivers, I was able to get a 4500GTX up and running under SuSE 10 with full 3D support, and with very little effort. TODAY.

If your lucky you might be able to find

WRONG! OK, there are a few devices that you need to hunt for. But the same is true for Windows. For instance, try finding a touchscreen driver for XPSP2 on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-M34GPRS2. Or a NON-SONY NetMD MSD driver for Windows. Two to get you going there. Here's something to make you cry: both devices are easily configurable under Linux.

WRONG! As demonstrated above.

THE SAME IS TRUE OF WINDOWS! And you're a klutz if you run install off of your master CD. ALWAYS use a disposable copy. Said disposable copy may have burn errors. Such errors will usually manifest themselves as missing files, unreadable discs, etc. Live with it.

And how much nonsoftware bloat does Windows install? By the time you've got SP2 on there, you're talking well over a Gig. AND YOU'VE NOT EVEN STARTED PUTTING APP SOFTWARE ON YET!

Just like the Windows Registry, eh?

that's what X frameservers (GUIs to you) are for, dumbbutt. Apart from that, you get more control over a process through the command line. With VERY few exceptions.


(I think it's about 0.24%, less than 1%)

not a problem, that's what Cedega is for.

There's a lot of community created programs out there,

Don't forget the THOUSANDS of commercial packages!

Bollocks. The last thing Linux is intended for is to IMITATE Windows in any shape or form. Linux is Linux. Linux is for people who want to USE their computers. Windows is for people who want to be USED BY their computers.

Waitaminute. You mean that thing they patched yonks ago with that autodependency checking and resolution thing?

Different versions and

The Linux Community is Killing Linux. I Thought This Was the FAQ 3782
Yes, Ms. fahgina, that was low - although well written - yet with quite a few spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. But you users are at least comfortable...


IF you're a developer or just someone with specialised requirements of his software, or you just want to optimise the software for your hardware. Funny how the Redmond offering doesn't give anything like this, isn't it?

When the question above fails, you can always

depends on the hardware. You're so used to running MS-Windows you expect things to take a long time. With Linux you can stop the frameserver and compile from the command line. This means the entire system is dedicated

you need to know some cryptic commands and

The Windope eXpee Homo Edition Community is Killing Clippy. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!! 3787
After takin' a swig o' grog, DFS belched out this bit o' wisdom: Some prices are nice, but it adds up! What I...

Or even just visit a website and let the system install all that wonderful love diallage for you, invisibly, without even asking you first! OOH! This is FANTASTIC!

stop pulling these bullpoo numbers out of your arse. OSS is made viable via SUPPORT. Get rid of that boxed-up, outdated and frankly DEAD business model you seem to be stuck in.

erm... so is NT.


erm... so is the XP GUI.


wrong. Particularly given that same said old software technology would run proportionately faster on the newer hardware. Ever seen a 3GHz XT in action? Try running FractINT (Stone Soup Group, google for it) in a pure DOS environment on a 3.06 p4. It'll blow your mind. That software core is EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD. It was developed on 80386's!

Also, a lot of the GUI's, although nice to look

scuse me while I kiss the sky... oh, wait, I'm not on the same poo you're on. Giz some!

It's about choice and utility. Some hardware can't handle KDE because of the hardware requirements. Some people run IceWM on dual HT Xeons because they want maximum performance but they also want a GUI. Fair dues to them, it's their CHOICE.

No they don't. I not only downloaded it not two days ago, I also obtained a computer magazine with a copy of the DVD on the front cover.

All the other

Read above.

Why should they make it easy? The more

Yeah? And?

In other words, they're all on about

Oh, you mean the GUI that's only JUST "innovated" multiple desktops (still Alpha), that's only JUST "innovated" transparent windows and menus (STILL Alpha)?

I'm gonna just go kiss the sky again...

so you're

No, it's made to make you do some f***ing work instead of bleating like some newbie Windows user who's lost his f***ing talking paper clip.

The Windope eXpee Homo Edition Community is Killing Clippy. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!! 3785
Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!! The micoshaft ship is sinking!!! "Windope Snobs: Real Barriers to Entry by Waiter V. Klingon for the OPINION-EDITORIAL section on One particularly...

while boating the Linux

No. Says in the Bible somewhere, God helps he who helps himself. As far as a newcomer to Linux is concerned, experienced users are God. We're not going to handhold you through every f***ing thing. That's what the manuals are for. If you read the manuals, you'll usually find the answer you're looking for. IF you don't find the answer you're looking for, THEN you come to a Guru and ask. Stupid questions are those which are answered in the manuals, and will open you WIDE to ridicule, and deservedly so.

Because it involves more than wanking off a piece of plastic with a wheel in its back?

Yanno, in the dictionary under "redundant" it says "See redundant"

I never claimed it was perfect.

I use both. I also use MAC OS. I prefer Linux because it gives me more control over my own computer, it's faster and more responsive, and a darn sight more stable and forgiving of faulty hardware.

because the tag fits, in most cases.

Like many cult-like groups, the people

You mean, like you?

As at tonight, all of FIVE messages, all crossposted.

Same as you would Windows. Insert CD, read manual, follow onscreen instructions. If that is beyond you, take it to someone who knows what they're doing.

what do youwantto run?

what do youwantrun run?

what games do youwantto play?

it's as secure as you make it. Debian Desktop with Apache with all the plugins under the sun installed does not a secure system make. There again, neither does a default install of Win2k Pro with IIS, Exchange Server and Telnet.

Depends on a lot of things. For two, which distribution you choose and for what activities you're going to be putting the box through.

with OSS and GNU-Linux in particular, the money you save you can spend elsewhere. Like, for instance, that dream holiday. Or a downpayment on that car. Or that mortage you want to ditch early. Linux gets you happiness, in other words. It got me happiness, anyway. YMMV.

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The Linux Community is Killing Linux. I Thought This Was the FAQ 3782

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The Linux Community is Killing Linux. I Thought This Was the FAQ 3780