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The OpenOffice FUD Compaign has Begun 3329

On Mon, 06 Mar 2006 03:39:01 -0600, Erik Funkenbusch

never seen it used in companies varying from 40m ASP PLC to 1.5m Advertising Agency.


Open Office doesn't NEED an equivalent of Outlook as there is Evolution which is an Outlook clone and can be installed on it's own.

Again, NEVER seen these used in a large variety of organisations I've worked in.

Again NEVER seen Visio used in the MANY companies I've worked in.

Which is FAR more than the "average" user uses anyway.......

The OpenOffice FUD Compaign has Begun 3330
Erik Funkenbusch Why do people use forum activity as an indicator of usage? It's a better indicator of how buggy...

Don't agree with that - yes OO Impress does not do SOME things that PowerPoint does, but it's certainly not LIGHTYEARS behind......

If people even bother to get it.....many organisations didn't go from Office 2002 to Office 2003 purely because the additional "functionality" that was included wasn't worth the extra cost and hbuttle of re-training.

Well I can't see many people wanting that.....

And OO 2 is a LOT better than you seem to think, and most people are completely satisfied with MS Office 2002.......

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The OpenOffice FUD Compaign has Begun 3330

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The OpenOffice FUD Compaign has Begun 3328