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The STL and C# make people lazy. 14402

Bruce Wood

MS_DevStudio... Right
You used MicroSoft's debugger then, I buttume, MSDevStudio... Right ? ( or VisualStudio ) VisualStudioNet2003 allows OnTheFly macros, I hit...


This is where I thoroughly disagree with you.

If the cost of something is $1M, then the cost of something is $1M.

A solution that is not a solution that costs $10K is a waste of $10K.

Slow, buggy, cumbersome application servers, that can never be used to create a production application, are worth $0 dollars, but IT Debt Management spends billions in the hopes of avoiding paying a programmer $1M.

This is the basic and most fundamental argument of the OSS community at heart.

OSS is labor.

CSS is capital.

The CSS people will always want to write a centralized model to devalue the programmer and give Debt Management more power.

The OSS people will always want to create a developer centric paradigm.

After 20 years of the Microsoft's, the Oracle's and BEAs' and all the rest, I am more convinced then ever that the OSS model, which is people dependent and which increases the value of the guru as well as the basic application developer, is abettermodel than the "throw hardware at it", the "wait until Longhorn ships" model or the "hire a bunch of low level guys and let them program VB model".

Yahoo! is written in c on BSD.

The STL and C# make people lazy. 14405
Hey - thats something Ive been looking for, hence why I took a look. Standard methods? # defining common...

Google is written in c on linux.

Microsoft Office is built with it's own compiler -- not .NET, not VC++.

Even the companies that create these "platforms" don't use their own stuff to create these platforms.

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MS_DevStudio... Right

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