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The Stages of Linux Grief 13338

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Thomas Wootten wrote on Fri, 28 Oct 2005 17:18:14 +0100

Erm...he said *total* lockup. If that's an X malfunction, there's no way Ctrl-Alt-F1 will help (the X server's gone insane and is no longer responding, presumably); he'll either have to log into a different machine, or press The Button and hope his jounaling is working properly.

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Finally got back to normal; posting through Google is *not* a nice Why do I like Linux? Well, it's not just because it's free beer, for a start. Of course, that's a factor. It's nice...
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This is actually very interesting. It puts Jim Allchin, the guy who admitted under that he personally, freely, and...

If it's a video lockup (Linux video is a bit problematic, in my opinion -- some drivers don't restore the registers properly when switching from X, resulting in all kinds of weirdness on the display) it's about the same as an X lockup, and depending on whether the kernel's still sane or not (I've seen both), he might have the remote login option, or it might be extremely dead.

If it's merely an application lockup, he can simply close the window running the application, which presumably in this case is Eclipse. The better window managers will notice that the application is not responding after a short delay, and prompt with an option to forcibly disconnect the window from the server. Usually, but not always, this causes the application to crash, since the socket is now gone. Of course if the application is gone it might just run indefinitely until someone uses 'kill' or 'killall'.

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tab That's a software issue Buy the right brand. HP are good, and I prefer their printers...

I did something very weird the other day which could be construed as a "total video lockup". I suspect it had to do with the loose NIC I was fiddling with at the time, but it's rare that a P III mobo completely shuts off its processor and main back fan but the video *is still displaying*. Anchoring the NIC will probably ensure that particular little Linux problem -- if it was such -- won't recur. I suspect, however, hardware interactions.

And yes, this is my Kayak, with dodgy ATI board.

You're missing something in these specs unfortunately: kernel version. Then again, he did say Xandros 3, which probably installs a stock one; that might be good enough for testing purposes.

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Another is being a big shareholder in an anti-spyware-virus company that relies on crappy underpinnings to sell its wares. Still another is being a monkey man or a Chief Software Architect...

He's also not mentioned how much RAM he has on his machine. Eclipse tends to be a bit...big-boned in that respect. :-)

Eclipse also tends to want to garbage collect, which looks a bit like an application lockup, on occasion. Usually, it's a matter of waiting in that case.

Eclipse is a bit weird since it uses SWT; this may introduce additional complexities because of the JNI therein.

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Why I like Linux and why you should , too

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