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Thousands more Linux desktops! 738

Thousands more Linux desktops! 739
You don't make much sense. I didn't say the only way to give the Mac mini more internal expansion would be to make it a full-sized tower, I just...

No, it's wishlist stuff. It's "I would buy a computer from Apple if it had this...." I'm sure most people in COLA would like the mini more if it was normal tower sized, with more internal expansion. Would that hypothetical machine sell better? Probably not. Would the mini sell better if it supported 30" displays? Probably not. Would a high-end video card lead to more sales? Maybe a few, but probably not too many.

You guys point out that some of this is available in the x86 world, while ignoring the things the mini offers that are *not* available in the x86 world.

The reasonable way to evaluate a new product is to look at the product, look at the market(s) it is attempting to target, and evaluate it with that in mind. What's happened with the mini is something more like Ford introducing a new compact car, and a bunch of people going on about how bad it is at various sorts of tasks that are performed well by pickup trucks in the same price range. This problem has been exacerbated by the fact that the Mac mini's primary advantages are in the area of software, and for some reason (maybe a couple of decades of the homogenizing effect of the Microsoft hegemony?), a lot of people somehow don't see software as being a particularly important factor when buying a computer.

Thousands more Linux desktops! 740
deletia "Solaris" is not a shell. If you think it is then it is you that...


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Thousands more Linux desktops! 739

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