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IOW, your name is Ediot.

weeks buy.

Well, first of all, Ediot, I mentioned Intel and AMD, not just AMD.

"CUPERTINO, California-June 9, 2004-Apple¨ today unveiled its new Power Mac¨ G5 desktop line with every model featuring dual 64-bit PowerPC G5 processors. The top model, featuring two 2.5 GHz processors, the industry's fastest front-side bus running at 1.25 GHz per processor, and advanced liquid cooling starts at $2,999. The entry model, featuring dual 1.8 GHz processors, starts at just $1,999"

"May 2001: Intel Itanium (733, 800 MHz)"

Whoa! That puts Itanium 64 bit computing over three years ahead of the 64 bit G5.

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TravelinMan long really processors, the (PC) You're the confused one. Wintel was in 64 bit computing years before Apple, your opinions on what makes a personal computer notwithstanding. OS X (PC) No...

"Oct. 2001: Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for Itanium"

Whoa! That means 64 bit Windows is over three years ahead of Mac OS X Tiger (which still isn't released).

"July 2002: Itanium 2 (900 MHz, 1 GHz)"

Whoa! 64 bit PC computing goes into its second generation about two years before Apple arrives late to the party, which started over three years before the G5 introduction.

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TravelinMan boxes. good win, a to people years? and you to of Macs Sparc in at since the BSD the "The semi...

"April 2003: AMD Opteron 240, 242, 244"

So AMD only introduced 64 bit processing about a year before Apple did, which is still more accurate than your claim of "a month or two," Ediot.

Apple is even later to the 64 bit party if you count the Alpha and MIPS.

"Windows NT 3.1 ran on Intel IA-32, DEC Alpha, MIPS R4000, and PowerPC processors; Intergraph Corporation ported Windows NT to its Clipper architecture and later SPARC, but neither version was sold to the public."

"Windows NT 3.1 Workstation, Advanced Server 1993 July "

So 64 bit Windows has been on 64 bit processors since 1993, a whole ELEVEN YEARS before Apple's 64 bit G5, and 64 bit Mac OS X isn't here YET.

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