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Thousands more Linux desktops! 752

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Personal beliefs are irrelevant. I gave you a reference with a figure that you must refute with other references to workstation sales. So far you've tried to dismiss it with personal computer sales. Somehow you lost your ability to distinguish workstation from PC, that you claimed to have while attempting to dismiss how long Wintel has had 64 bit computing.

Thousands more Linux desktops! 754
Oxford Are you aware Mac is number three on the desktop? Unseat means sales - sales eating into...

You have to do more that say so. You have to prove it's "bogus."

Thousands more Linux desktops! 753
TravelinMan the a sales. you had sold error. blowhard. "bogus." No you don't. You're to willfully stupid to see anything. of No, not by "Edwin logic." By Dr.Joe Ragosta's...

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Thousands more Linux desktops! 755
But not in Sales... that's where the action is, sure if you count every PC that could be turned on and turned into a Linux machine, but pure sales don't even show Linux on...

That's because everyone knows a butterfly is a lightweight thing. Everyone does not likewise know the volume of workstation sales.

Yes you do. You have to show what the real number of workstation sales are, not just call his figure "bogus." And that's for PC-derived workstations, not traditional proprietary workstations.

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All you have done is to bluster, you blowhard, you've not "shown my number is obviously in error (which is not "my" number at all)." You can't prove anything with what you pull out of your arse.

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I didn't waste my time at your site, moron. The reference I gave you wasn't just some ding-a-ling's personal web site, like yours is.

Yes it is.

Now that's funny! Funny that you expect anyone to believe your lie.

Now when are you going to post figures to prove your claim that Apple outsells all other Unix vendors put together?

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Thousands more Linux desktops! 753

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