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Thousands more Linux desktops! 759


Bullpoo. My RAM selection was clearly middle of the pack, and actually leaning towards the low side. Stop being an butt.

And for the love of god, it's LOSE you uneducated twit.

Thousands more Linux desktops! 760
Oxford You quote US prices to a person from the UK. At least get the prices right. In your currency, Mini's start at $640 (UK) $668 plus...

So what? Think of the convenience factor. We all know that the mini isn't geared for tech heads, so your average joe isn't going to be cracking this thing open...Not worth their time-trouble.

Problem is you feel the need to sell your RAM. I always find a use for it as I own too many machines and they all love more RAM (not matter how much they have). Besides, I can't be bothered nickel and diming poo the way you do. If I did, do you think I would drop $500 on a mini on a whim? Not really.

Funny how you're being an arrogant unpleasant woman about something you fully didn't understand. You still think I had a tech support problem, which clearly shows how little you understood what I said. Whatever...

You're not paying only for the RAM... You're paying for the convenience of not having to do the work yourself.

Thousands more Linux desktops! 761
TravelinMan G5 iMac is 560 more than the Mini. A Mac monitor is 68 plus 19.00. Buy a decent 17" PC LCD to go with your shiny Mini? No. The...

Of course not. As I said, penny wise, pound foolish.

You're right, I didn't take the David Hannum factor into account.

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Thousands more Linux desktops! 760

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Thousands more Linux desktops! 758