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I don't have a problem with that it and of itself. But with Erik it's never quite that simple.

With Erik it's often done as a diversion. He'll make the claim that Winders does it better. He'll often be refuted because it clearly isn't true. He'll shift to something else in the course of seeming to respond to that. The thread heads off in another direction, one where he thinks he can score points.

Or he'll make a claim about how whatever it is that's clearly a good thing in linux (and sometimes not necessarily great, but nice) isn't something the average user will want. He has nothing to support that claim except the fact the monopoly isn't doing it. Erikappearsto think it can't be useful because the crooks at Redmond aren't doing it. What he's actually trying to do (versus what it appears he's doing) is trying to minimize a linux advantage, even when it isn't always such a biggie. In fact, once the Redmondites "innovate" the same thing, it becomes blessed by Erik, and the way the criminals implemented it becomes far superior to how anybody else does it. *EVEN* if only a total retard would have dreamt up such a stupid way of doing things.

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Erik Funkenbusch Got it and thanks. I'll do this when a post gets real looooong as in some of the "deeper-nested" threads here. Overall and probably on every single...

And everybody knows the infamous Erik Redefinition Scamę. This patented version of FUDdery involves using known, accepted, everyday definitions of words in clear-cut ways so that everybody understands them. Until it's time to support or answer for using those words. Then they are to be redefined, subtly altered, shifted or changed in any way so as to make them unrecognizable as having any known human meanings at all. This is sometimes followed with claims of "putting words it my mouth" or "altering" what was posted to make things appear other than how it was written. (This one usually has one or more people who actually *read* the original having to jump in, quote over and over the original lines, and the thread then gets dropped by Erik after a few more rounds of denial.)

There are loads and loads of Erikisms. Too many to enumerate in a single post. But they all have some commonality (other than Erik) that can only be the product of a person bent on destroying the target (in this case linux), or at the least being a tool to work for that destruction. When he makes these specious claims, tells falsehoods, compares apples and oranges, diverts threads, alters meanings of words and phrases, complains of things that don't exist and all of the other tools he puts to use in his FUD campaign, it often invites more exaggeration, one-upsmanship, anti-M$ material or statements and so forth. Then he stands back and cries foul over what he caused or fed.

Erik may not work for the Borg (he's said he doesn't; others aren't willing to believe him; considering his penchant for changing meanings of words, one can be excused for wondering if his denial is really a denial or just another new definition nobody ever heard about before). But there's zero doubt that he has something to protect or gain by working on their behalf. His posts rarely (if ever) have anything to do with presenting another side or arguing a case.

It's saddest of all that entire threads get devoted to Erik and The Tricks. Far too many *do* happen.

-- Randex: Innovative Microsoft peer-to-peer software.

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On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 10:38:53 GMT, Sinister Midget I do? When? I might claim that Windows (or some Windows software) has some feature that doesn't exist in Linux, and then Linux advocates...

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Time for everyone to leave now..... 3283

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