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Tis was 10 years ago this week

Man how time flys. Over the past few days I've been receivng emails from people some of which I haven't seen in several years. Our "mailing list" is growing as we hunt down other former members of our group for an impromptu reunion party. The occasion is that it was exactly 10 years ago this week that we all showed up for our first-day of work at Microsoft (aka - Evil empire). It was crazy back then but it was also very exciting and interesting.

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Ok, I was managing some files in my home directory and there were a few AVIs I had downloaded and didn't remember what they were ( they were 4 demoes of the Novell Xgl graphics...
Tales of a Net Geek
For the amusement of any who might care. Running a Dell box. 2850, I think - mind's going after another 9AM-4AM shift. In any case, redundant power supplies, dual processor, RAID SCSI drives...

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, drinking some beers and re-living the memories, war-stories and funny things that we all went through. Different people who worked there have different things to say but we had a **lot** of fun in our group. It was such an "experience" that our CEO went on to write a book about this. The book sold quite well (and it received excellent reviews) and you can still buy the book today at over at

Tales of a Net Geek
BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 08:31:00 -0800, While it doesn't help *now*. I have long been a fan of tcpdump, and it's...

Things were very different back then. The internet boom was in its early stages. Windows-95 was only a few months old and Linux was just reaching version 2.0 and was nearly called Lignus. It's also the same year that Tux became the offical symbol.

I remember the brand new machine they provided me with. It was a state of the art PC from Micron with dual Pentium 166-Mhz processors and 64-Megs(?) of RAM. The machine cost several thousands of dollars then and you can probably buy one now on eBay for $5.

Most of us put in our time there then moved back east once we could. It all seems surreal now and it's just hard to believe that its been 10 years already. Wow.

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