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Trolls on Linux groups a few archetypes

Iowa clbutt action steams ahead
This could be an interesting case. Keep in mind that Judge Kolar-Kotelley specifically structured her judgement so that cases like this could be filed. Because the Judge did not impose a structural...

Madhusudan Singh

I guess I'm not in this category. When I need to convince somebody (for whatever reason) that Linux is crap, I tell them to install it and see for themselves. Linux un-sells itself. No need for anti-Linux advocacy.

Guess I'm not here either. I just like to spend time countering false claims against MS and it's products.

Well, I'm more with this group, although I believe Linux has a *long* ways to go before it reaches the fit and polish of Windows.

Not sure the point of this 'advocate'... if they really felt Linux wasn't crap, why would they say it is?? Not sure there are many in this group.

Doubt there are many of this type as you generally have to know the weaknesses of Linux to get their attention. For example, if you said "Linux has crappy print services", this would get the attention of Linux users everywhere because they *do* know that print support sucks under Linux.

Too much advocacy
I was just wondering if you guys ever though their could be "too much" advocacy sometimes. What I mean is sometimes you get people...

My point is that they would have to know what stirs up the pot.

My type is the 'defend other products from false accusations made by COLA nuts'.

For example, being a Windows XP user and a Mac Mini user, I *know* that XP never crashes. So when I hear someone say XP crashes every 5 minutes, I *know* that they: 1) Either haven't tried XP, or 2) Are flat out lying.

It's usually #2.

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Too much advocacy

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Trolls on Linux groups a few archetypes