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UK workers are liars, says Gates

On Thursday 10 March 2005 00:14 Liam Slider

Yes and no. I think it was announced about a year ago, and that he's just found time to call in at the palace to pick it up?

However, I'm a bit lost about what the report means. Maybe somebody could explain?

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It appears that this was a MS-sponsored report, and that MS has something to sell which MS claims will help the situation (red alert - already suspect on 3 counts??!)

Put it another way, we have a poll result in which 66% of people say "employees in this country lie to their boss 66% of the time". The problem is that this is a poll of the people who claim to lie. So are they telling the truth in the poll?

Either way, how does this work out with MS? WOULD MS technology help this situation, or do they only think it would, because 66% of employees in MS-UK have told them so?

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Finally, is this poll result better or worse than similar polls in other countries? - and are the people being polled in the UK more or less honest in their answers to the poll than people being polled elsewhere?


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Microsoft innovates instant messaging

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UK workers are liars, says Gates