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Ubuntu 5.04...Linux done the right way

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I don't trust human witnesses when they claim to have read a particular quote over twenty years ago. Especially not when...

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 17:42:55 -0400, flatfish+++

I have used Ubuntu 5.04 a couple of months now and I am just as happy as you. This is the longest time I have stayed with a distro. I have always switched because I have found something that is too annoying to "live with". But with Ubuntu everything works just perfectly. Ubuntu converted me from a kde-user to a Gnome-user, so I haven't had any of the kde problems you talk about. Everything works great in Gnome.

The distro that has gotten closest to this feeling is Gentoo, but I hated that I had to compile everything. It took so much time and since my "hobby" is to try out all kinds of new software, this got too irritating.

With Ubuntu all my hardware worked right out of the box, even bluetooth. This hasn't been the case with any other distro I have used. I can now use my cell phone as a gprs modem, send sms messages from my computer (no more sore thumbs) and exchange files between my cell and computer.

I love Ubuntu so much that I have converted my FC2 web-mysql-file-print-server to Ubuntu.

But I have installed the kubuntu-desktop virtual package too, because Gnome doesn't work with FreeNX. I now give everyone I know that wants to try out linux access to my FreeNX Ubuntu terminal server hoping that they will ask me to come and remove the yucky windows os and install Ubuntu on their computers.

-- Rolf Arne Schulze

Words That Must Haunt Bill
In Bill Gates' column in the New York Times, January 19, 1996, when asked about that 'quote': I've said some...

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Words That Must Haunt Bill

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Ubuntu 5.04...Linux done the right way