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What's up with the trolls 13367

On Saturday 29 October 2005 07:34, Jericho Swarm stood up and spoke the following words to the mbuttes incomp.os.linux.advocacy...:

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That is not the reason you are in mykillfile,and you know it. You are in mykillfilebecause you were condescending towards me, just because I screwed up in the name of a Free Software license - which you made appear as if I'm totally clueless regarding Free Software licenses.

I could even ask you the same thing: why do *you* run away when I confront you with technical facts that refute what you say, only to come back later with the outright lie that I'm "persistently being wrong" - or however you phrased it again - hoping that everyone had already forgotten that previous debate and would now simply believe you on your word over the posture you are buttuming?

I've been around people with large egos before, and I recognize the tactics. It's the approach in which one tries to bluff his way out of a conversation by denigrating the person spoken to. I believe it's called the "intimidation and manipulation"-approach.

Now you may refute this all you like, but I'm not the only one who's already caught you on that. In addition, you remain very elusive about why exactly you are here, when you're obviously not advocating GNU-Linux (or any other FOSS project).

You also obviously dislike "smartbuttes" like me or Rex Ballard - it was already clear that you seriously dislike him before I myself had even seen a post from the man - who dare to stand up against what you're saying. Definite signs of a large ego.

Maybe you think I'm some wise-butt teenager or something, and while people usually do estimate me to be about ten years younger than I really am, I might actually even be older than you, so there's no need to depict me like some kid who doesn't know what he's talking about.

I may be socially impaired by my AS, but I'm definitely not as clueless as you would like to have me seen.

Lastly, in my OP, I was mainly attackingDFSandtab. But hey, if the shoe fits... (and we all already know that it does, right?)

You are condescending once again, which is why you will remain in mykillfile,or at least for as long as I'm still running Mandrake 9.2. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything important by having your posts blocked from my view.

My Gentoo install will be on totally new hard disks, so I would start off with a blankkillfileanyway. I'll take it from there and then I'll see whether I willkillfiletrolls again. For now, I don't give a damn.

You know a lot about IT, but not enough about operating system design, so there's very little incentive for me to find your posts worth replying to. The same applies to your buddybillgw,by the way. As forDFSandtab,well... Maybe one day they will grow a brain. Until then, they're just a waste of time.

What's up with the trolls 13368
On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 06:50:20 GMT, Aragorn I don't give a poo why I'm in your killfile. If you want to killfile someone, that means you don't want to have discussions with...

Either way, this post was not really intended as trollfeeding. It was intended to see what other GNU-Linux advocates in this group think about the recent flood of posts from the resident trolls.

I did lash out at the trolls in my post, and I did it quite clearly and ostensibly. However, *their* replies is not what I'm interested in. What you people think of me or my choice of operating system is none of my concern. It's not even my concern if you choose to run Windows. It's your computer, and your hardware to waste as you see fit. It's about Freedom, remember?

Now it is time for you to - what was it again? - "take your foot out of your mouth"...

I can think of a few others as well... ;-)

-- With kind regards,

*Aragorn* (Registered GNU-Linux user #223157)

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What's up with the trolls 13368

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What's up with the trolls