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Why I like Linux and why you should , too

(Finally got back to normal; posting through Google is *not* a nice

Why do I like Linux?

Well, it's not just because it's free beer, for a start. Of course, that's a factor. It's nice to get something so useful for the price of magazine, or, as in the case of my old Red Hat 9.0, a book. Get the distro free and pay for the support of the book-mag that tells you how to run it. Very nice.

But there's a lot more to it than that. Free beer is an encouragement because you don't have to worry about experimentation - if something screws up, you aren't going to be out of pocket, and can try again in full confidence.

But then, to buy it doesn't break the bank either, and then you get nice manuals and proper support, from people who actually care.

You get thousands of apps - and access to thousands more if you're lucky enough to have broadband. With so many great apps to chose from, you're bound to find something to suit all your needs, even if those needs are a bit off the beaten track. And, like me, you'll find programs you never heard of, that don't exist in the Windows world, that lead you into new discoveries.

And then there's the wonderful variety of window managers and desktop environments. The fast minimalism of fluxbox or blackbox, the gorgeous eye candy of enlightenment, the sturdy configurability or gnome or kde, to name but a few.

konqueror, xfe, gentoo, mc. Use one or use 'em all.

Want to have your own network and run apps via ssh or through remote desktop? Easy. Take your desktop wherever you go? Get out the Live CDs. You can even customise Knoppix just to your liking, and keep your home dir and settings on a USB stick; and it's a rescue CD too.

I ask myself: what's *not* to like about Linux?

Few security issues compared with Windows, and it's stable. You can change your hardware around as much as you like, and no one is going to demand you 'reactivate' like Windows. How is it any business of MS' what hardware goes on *my* machines? Linux is there to be used, for whatever purpose suits *you*.

Why I like Linux and why you should , too 13340
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No malware to speak of, no viruses, and it just keeps chugging on. Man, you would have to be bananas to complain.

Buggy? Not really. No worse than anything else, and at least you know the developers are working on that all the time. Easily installed, unless you're talking Gentoo or something, and even then, all you need is patience and reading skills. The rest are hardly rocket science - just stick the disk in and follow the instructions.

Harware? Can be a downside, but pick your hardware sensibly and it needn't be a problem. I've got three PCs and two laptops with only a couple of hardware issue between the lot of them. So don't let the FUDsters scare you.

There's so much to do in and with Linux that you'll never be bored.

All in all, it's been a happy few years, and I look forward to enjoying many more.

Windows? Pffft.

-- Kier

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Why I like Linux and why you should , too 13340

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