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Why dissing MS is good Linux advocacy

If you were in charge of the next MS OS... 2681
On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 22:31:56 +0000, Kelsey Bjarnason Amen. I had to tell one of...

Tim Smith

As you say below, it's more complicated than that. I think the new model pushes down the control of thecoreelements of software from the tower to the individual businesses. So, in the old Microsoft model, there is this CSS, closed hidden core blackbox software, that is *untouchable*. People would pay a premium for this software with the idea that it would be solid -- they essentialtrustthe CSS company to deliver.

That model has shown its flaws -- the CSS company, even if good intentioned -- cannot keep up with the customer. The customer will continue to exercise the use of the core CSS functionality to its breaking point. Then the CSS company will be overwhelmed and either attempt topatchup the functionality or create a *new* *version* that will solve all the ills. However, the patching seems to exacerbate these problems or open up new bugs. And the *new* version becomes a cumbersome work that tries to be all things to all people.

If you were in charge of the next MS OS
Well, since MS OS plans seem to be the only thing of interest to some Linux advocates, let's speculate on how MS *should* do their next OS...

Enter OSS -- OSS is like Chaos Theory, it's a way of saying, look, no one can really manage change and keep up with business, so we are merely providing a seed kernel and you can grow things around it. Not only that, but you have complete and total control of the code, so that as you grow, it can grow, butdirectedby You!

I think the future is companies like Novell which have adopted the OSS paradigm whole heartedly, but provide the layer of technology around it togreasethe wheels. I still see individual businesses, even midsized ones, increasing the skill level of "IT" to the point that every reasonably sized business will be hosting real developers who can program at the core application level and take the OSS frameworks to new levels.

If you were in charge of the next MS OS... 2680
On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 16:41:49 +0000, Tim Smith You mistake "source of endless amusement" with "only thing of interest". Step 1: Drop...

Yea, brother.


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If you were in charge of the next MS OS

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Why dissing MS is good Linux advocacy