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Why do people switch to Linux 13478

Fancy filesystem features that aren't used don't do anyone much good. Few Windows users seem to know how to set permissions on a file, and only a minority of Windows installs make use of any permissions at all, while all mainstream Linux installs do. It is better to have primitive security features that are used than fancy ones that are not.

In addition, sophisticated isn't always better. ACL's are more flexible than UGO permissions, but they are also harder to administer if you make use of that flexibility. It is just the nature of the beast that if you start making complex rules the administration will be harder. That is probably why ACL's haven't become the default on Unix. The simple UGO scheme is good enough for most uses and it is easy to understand.

Again, simple features that people understand and use beat out complex features that go unused any day of the week.

Why do people switch to Linux 13479
On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 09:28:28 +0100, Jesse F. Hughes And then do what? You can't start a GUI app and export the display, there's...

Interesting. Using "sudo" is less work than logging out and back in as root. Are you saying that "runas" is too clumsy to use comfortably? I thought it was, but coming from a Windows advocate it seems odd.

But of course, few Windows users know about "runas" since they are always Administrator anyway, so it probably doesn't matter.

You mean Windows users always choose the narrowest definition. The Linux definition includes "serial multi-user", not the other way around.

I guess that's especially true when it allows MS to charge big bucks for a "server" edition that lacks the limitations of the regular one.

I use the multi-user features of Linux all the time. But if I had never seen such a thing I might not know that I would use it. The fact that it seems to fit most user's needs might be partly the result of most Windows users not having seen such a thing or thought about what the usefulness of it might be.

Why do people switch to Linux 13482
The key words being "system that is a member of a domain". That is not an average home user. XP Home...

You let users define the "look and feel", not fundamental OS features. They aren't competent at OS design.

Well, it would be if it were actually used and had fewer bugs. You're pulling an Erik here, comparing theoretical results with actual.

Why do people switch to Linux 13480
Well, that's nice, I guess. But if the ACL's all say "go ahead and mess with me" by default, then they aren't really doing much good in a practical sense. They aren't...

As a result of the OS vendor and OEM's typically providing a default configuration that encourages this bad behavior.

-- - Bob Hauck - A proud member of the reality-based community.

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Why do people switch to Linux 13479

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