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Why do people switch to Linux 13479

On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 09:28:28 +0100, Jesse F. Hughes

Why do people switch to Linux 13480
Well, that's nice, I guess. But if the ACL's all say "go ahead and mess with me" by default, then they aren't really doing much good in a...

And then do what? You can't start a GUI app and export the display, there's no concept of terminal emulation, and the command line is a horrible broken thing.

If you install Cygwin or SFU, then at least you'll get some of those capabilities by getting Windows to pretend to be Unix. But that's a lot like teaching a pig to sing. It doesn't help you with getting any of the apps that people claim to need Windows for exported to a remote display.

The remote admin concept revolves, or at least has revolved, around the use of GUI tools that run on another Windows computer and make RPC calls to the server. So you have to install "user manager" or "firewall manager" or whatever on your Debt Management computer, which then talk to the server through various sorts of RPC.

The Terminal Server version allows remote GUI logins. But it is quite a bit more expensive than the regular server version, which merely allows you to have more than five users sharing files.

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Why do people switch to Linux 13480

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