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Windows Starter Edition Screenshots 3256

The Ghost In The Machine on Monday 06 March 2006 19:00

This afternoon, soon after I had linked to it from the blog ( realised that the shots disappeared. The owner took them off, for whatever reason (probably bandwidth).

I guess the artwork justifies its presence as its own enbreasty. Definitely not agadgetthat would suit anyone's rear pocket, right next to a clock.

I thought they had given up on the "My computer", "My Network Places" entirely...

Windows Starter Edition Screenshots 3257
In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz wrote on Mon, 06 Mar 2006 19:21:32 +0000 Nice, pretty transparent wastepaper bucket. Apparently the did. They now call...
Linux Security 3258
Exactly. You are not going to find any farmers anywhere interested in seed genetics unless they are planning on selling their own varieties to others...

Well, a nice Easter Egg in Windows is the fact that you can CTRL+C prompts and error messages. There are many opportunities and reasons for the use of this 'feature' (as opposed to bug).

Blame the screenhooter. The rest of the windows is cropped too (see top-right corner)

Not so fast, Johnny boy! First, the user puts the crippled Start Edition on the hard drive. The user will then proceed to on-line payment, which warrants an upgrade, maybe even redemption. Then, if still unlucky, the next-door neighboor may voluntarily 'fix' all the troubles. (S)he may have a MSCE.

To be perfectly honest with you, the last time I installed SuSE and Ubuntu there were no quirks. Linux is striding more quickly than I could ever imagine. The last time I attempted an XP installation, much of the hardware was not detected and we had to chase drivers. Many drivers are still missing and, to make matters worse, the screen resolution still stands at 800x600. A virus penetrated the machine before we had the change to patch up and protect.

Best wishes,


-- Roy S. Schestowitz "Disk quota exceeded; sig discontinued" 7:00pm up 5 days 14:38, 9 users, load average: 0.50, 0.52, 0.53

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Windows Starter Edition Screenshots 3257

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