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Words That Must Haunt Bill Discussion, linux 720

I don't know of any case in which "circumstantial evidence" was sufficient to attribute words to an individual when we had no direct evidence that anyone ever publicly said those words.

Do you?

Words That Must Haunt Bill Discussion, linux 721
You're wrong that he has *never* denied saying it. The following excerpt is from clearly denied saying it. ,---- By BILL GATES c.1996 Bloomberg Business News QUESTION: I...

You and I disagree on what's reasonable evidence that Bill Gates uttered those words. On a forum where there is many accusations of lying, it strikes me as a good idea to err on the side of caution.

As far as I can tell, it is much more likely that Gates never uttered the quote than that he did. Until real evidence appears -- better evidence than "lots of people believe it and it sounds right" -- I would not continue to spread the story.

Evidently, you are either more persuaded by what I consider *extremely* weak evidence or you are less concerned with avoiding false statements.

In either case, we are arguing in circles now. If you find actual evidence that he said what you claim, I'd be happy to see it. But I don't see any reason to continue arguing whether your justified in spreading the rumor without better evidence.

-- "Britney thought the idea of a pre-nup was vile, because she is loved-up with Kevin and cannot envisage breaking up. However, no one in Hollywood these days get married without brokering a deal. She had a long chat with Kevin and he was cool about it."

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Words That Must Haunt Bill Discussion, linux 721

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