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Working with Linux on a PC 1635

Snit poked his little head through the XP firewall and said:

It's a boot loader. Any messages that appear are welcome indicators of the progress of the boot. Certainly more so than a color-gliding progress bar.

Linux is all about the freedom to experiment, my son.

I understand (from another of your posts).

Working with Linux on a PC 1636
In your opinion. You are welcome to it. Does not change the fact that when I mention a good thing you suggest I...

Why do you even CARE what app it is? It will appear on the taskbar as the name of the item, which would seem to me to be more important. And the button may also have the ICON for the application as well.

Frankly, Snit, you bring up a lot of personal preferences issues that are unimportant.

Everything in Linux is cached and buffered in some way. Even if the software itself doesn't support it.

I've never experienced dragging a window to change its size or maximizing it. I mostly use double-click to shade the window.

And on XFce, how these actions are doen and the placement of the breastle-bar buttons is configurable.

Now why don't you return the favor and take some extra time to fully explore your new Linux box, and to edit your posts for conciseness, hmm?

-- When was the last time you thought about Microsoft, except in frustration or anger? -- Michael S. Malone, Silicon Insider

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Working with Linux on a PC 1636

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Working with Linux on a PC 1634