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You may be a Fundy GodHating troll if: 2430

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 19:29:36 -0800, John C. Randolph

You are not very bright, are you? Did you really think this childish ploy would work on me?

The truth is, you could not answer to the points I made and so, you snipped my entire post and by doing so, showed everyone how dishonest you are.

It is also clear, that when you saw what you believe laid out for you, you quickly became embarrbutted by it, because you could readily see just how ridiculous it is.

Your belief is, as you so aptly put it above, "flimsy unsupported conjecture", which runs counter to the scientific approach and which someone should be embarrbutted by.

Don't feel too bad. I'd be embarrbutted by it too. :)

For those who missed it, John completely snipped my entire post, except for one sentence. I have pasted it back in below, to show what it is he ignored and one thing is for certain and that is that if he was able to support his belief, he would have done so. He could not and saw just how ridiculous and unscientific his belief is, so he snipped it, to try to make it go away, which was a childish approach. Kind of like a child putting his hands over his ears and yelling...

"LA LA LA LA LA!!! I can't hear you!"

Here is the restored post.....

***************** START QUOTE ********************

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 13:35:48 -0800, John C. Randolph

According to you. You do not speak for the world.

Is this the best you can do? This seems to be the norm for the atheist and is about the best argument you guys can give. That is truly sad. (:

What is clear to everyone who is honest, whether they are theists, or atheists, is that science doesn't prove anything and is not in that business. Rather, it is in the business of disproving and that is how scientists proceed. Come up with a hypothesis and then proceed to attempt to disprove it.

What is also clear, to anyone who is honest, whether they are theists, or atheists, is that there are only three options for explaining the origin of the universe and how it came to be.

1) It has always existed.

This has been disproved.

2) It created itself and the laws that govern it, out of nothing.

This cannot be proved and is not logical to buttume, since if nothing existed, there would have been nothing to create the universe and it would take rational, super intelligent thought to come up with the laws that govern our universe. This is not a toy, but an extremely complex place we're talking about here.

You may be a Fundy GodHating troll if: 2435
Donald L McDaniel Well, supposedly such a being is beyond our understanding to begin with. Since we can't understand why a 'dynamic' god would create the universe, why should we suspend our belief...

3) It was created by an intelligent being, who is obviously not bound by the laws governing the universe, since they did not exist until that point.

This cannot be proved. However, given the vast complexity of the universe and given the fact that you don't get something from nothing and that nothing doesn't create something, it is the most logical option.

Now you may not like that conclusion, but the fact is, that when it comes to dealing with this issue, atheists love to vastly over-simplify the universe, acting as if it's no more complex than a transmission in their car. The reality is, that it is an extremely complex machine, so complex that it would be beyond our thought capabilities to come up with such a thing, so when you try to ascribe its creation to itself, that is the height of absurdity! (:

And the fact is, that contrary to the lie you atheists try to convince yourself of, discussing a creator in the equation is very scientific, considering that when one looks at highly complex things, one always ascribes a creator to it. One would be a fool to look at a car and claim it "just happened", so there is no basis upon which to claim that the universe happened by itself, nor to claim that the question of a creator cannot be raised in science. If the universe screams out "creator" (and it does), then it is against science, to claim that a creator must be immediately ruled out. Not only that, but it's just flat out plain old stupidity!

While science can only test the natural, it is not limited to the natural. It cannot be, for it cannot disprove the supernatural and so, the supernatural may exist and there is evidence of that, since the universe could not have created itself out of nothing and it is too complex to be an accident. A number of accidents beyond number, all orchestrating the intricacies of the universe, that did not cause it to fall apart, would had to have occurred and that is not realistic! (: But it seems that the atheist, who is so dead set against the supernatural and magic, has no problem ascribing those qualities to matter itself and then dares to call that "science". That is just flat out ridiculous! (:

You atheists love to claim that Christians should leave their faith at the door and think logically when dealing with science and then, you refuse to use common sense and demand that one cannot raise the question of a creator and you love to pretend that claiming that it is proven fact that the universe created itself is scientific, when you know very well that it could not have created itself and that nothing gives you nothing.

And before you falsely claim that no one believes that the universe came out of nothing, don't bother spitting that out. It would only show that you are either a desperate liar, or completely ignorant of the theory and should not be in this discussion to begin with.

Now here's the bottom line. No matter how many times you try to claim that you aren't using faith, the reality is, you weren't there and you can't prove it created itself and have zero evidence that it did and to claim that it is a fact that cannot be disputed, is NOT science.

The fact is, that the universe coming to be, with all of it's complexity, whether it was created, or whether it created itself doesn't matter as far as whether or not it is a miracle that you believe by faith. Either way, it is a miracle!

You see, when it comes to the issue of how the universe came to be, whether you like it or not, we both believe in a miracle. The only difference is, I believe in a miracle worker and you believe in a miracle, without a miracle worker. And that just doesn't make sense. (:

Wishing it is wishing, does not make it so. The atom alone shows us that this was no accident. Atheists would not say that something as simple as an arrowhead found in the dirt was an accident that came to be all by itself and yet, they tell us we're fools, because we don't believe that the universe was an accident that came about all by itself, out of nothingness. (:

You may be a Fundy GodHating troll if: 2431
Don't ever ever buy into their claims that they are atheists. They are militant anti-theists and there is a huge difference. Although viewing themselves as "free thinkers", they...

And before you falsely claim that you don't believe it was an accident, which you will do only because you need to try to get around my points, if it was not an accident, then you would be ascribing rational, intelligent thought TO A STATE OF NOTHINGNESS, which is what you atheists claim it was! That is the ONLY other option!

And before you demand that I "prove God", you need to remember, that it is YOU who claims to be the scientific one between us and so, that leaves you to explain to me, how it is that you can call what you believe "science", when you cannot possibly go back before what is called, "The Planck Interval", which means that you could never prove your belief and that sir, makes it FAITH! Of course, you won't admit that, because you won't be honest. Atheists are almost always dishonest in these matters, because they know that they desperately need to deny God, no matter what and then convince themselves that no one else can see just how foolish they look.

Now unless you can come up something better than, "Na uh!", I would suggest that you get yourself some schooling. You atheists keep making the mistake of believing that Christians are just ignorant dolts, who have no clue when it comes to science. This is especially humorous, considering that you don't even have a clue what you're talking about and think that posting an

*************** END QUOTE ******************

This was my last post to you. You are dishonest. You can't deal with what's being said and so, you snip almost everything and then pretend to be honest. You are now in my kill file.


"Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pbutt, till all these things be fulfilled." - Matthew 24:34

The Last Days were in the first century:

"A LITTLE WHILE, and ye shall not see me: and again, A LITTLE WHILE and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father." - John 16:16

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You may be a Fundy GodHating troll if: 2431

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