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You may be a Fundy GodHating troll if: 2444

You may be a Fundy GodHating troll if: 2447
Snit I noticed you do not deny equating a God-like being with love and incest. This...

Donald L McDaniel

You may be a Fundy GodHating troll if: 2449
On Sun, 9 Apr 2006 21:21:12 -0700, Barry OGrady wrote Then you certainly won't like hearing His words of...

No, it simply holds authority. Much as one could reject the authority of the government, so to could one reject the authority of this theoretical deity. Neither does authority entail power, or the ability to make people accept your ethics or morals. No force anywhere can make someone believe something they aren't willing to accept (of course, few people place their own morals above the serious threat of torture or rest, and would be willing to compromise their morals to avoid it).

I'm doing so right now. Thus, I obviously have the right to do so. Since I feel compelled to make such judgments, I seem to have an imperative to do it as well.

That's stupid. Why would I obey something that decided to just create me without my consent? That's like thanking someone for selling your car for you, without your consent.

What 'rebellion'?

Even if I accepted that this is true (this is all a load of garbage), why would this be a bad thing?

That's like saying all Christians are Nazis because 'that's what Hitler thought'. Though really, you haven't been attributing many bad qualities to your particular bogeyman.

You seem to think that everyone wants to spend eternity basking in the glory of some self-important deity. Frankly, I'd rather not exist.

That sounds like a much better choice than eternal life.

Fear is not a particularly good motivator for converting me to a particular belief. Try reason and evidence.

-- "There is nothing I understand." - poo

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You may be a Fundy GodHating troll if: 2447

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