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colinux and firewall 6473

Freeride No, don't take me wrong. I'm neither using linux as a firewall nor server, but as... as... as linux. With Gnome (or KDE). I have Ubuntu for amd64 and IA32 (or IA64, don't remember)... I'm just peeed of with MS products, yeah, I use them, partly because kids and my wife play with it and sometimes me too, say play Hitman. And MS really is a good platform to start programming with. Not talking about basic, but say, cobol or fortran. Or c (yes, old c). That is the reason I'm using colinux; I can share same disk space with XP and linux; it was real pain in the place where sun hardly shines, but now it works.... it's cofs0, mounted at mnt-cofs0, with r-w-c. And I still love old CBM machines..... WinVice is one of the best emulators ever made.... if not kicking up CP-Ms (Kaypro-c128d) or IBM 3741..or Apple II (ore orc)....vic 20 was nice too. and surely c64s and Plus-4 and c16....

It might be a good idea to hook up 500 MHz Pentium with current one (2.6GHz) and use it for inet and programming.

colinux and firewall 6474
Oh poo, it says like this: where to edit???? #!-bin-sh set -e PATH=-usr-local-sbin:-usr-local-bin:-sbin:-bin:-usr-sbin:-usr-bin default=-etc-default-iptables...



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colinux and firewall 6474

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