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linux failure on older hardware 5117

OT: How I Work, by Bill Gates
Note the paragraph before that: At Microsoft, e-mail is the medium of choice, more than phone...
Microsoft Pay Hosts to Choose Windows
These types of things are known universally. A handful of people may not experience the same problems. A large number will waste a gawdawful amount of time getting it to work...
It's Official: Microsoft is Dying Very Quickly 5122
DFS You will see little in the trade press, which is negative of Microsoft. It is nice to see that some in...

Not really odd. Just that Windows is pathetic. It might be odd if it was anything other than Windows.

$SON's machine back before he moved to Mac. I'd install it, I'd add software. The kid did nothing but plug CDs in and run them. The machine would begin to drag and choke in a matter of weeks. I'd defrag, clean out tempfiles, etc. It wasn't connected to the internet, so that wasn't a problem. In less than 3 months (consistent) I'd have to reinstall it.

Sometimes I'd reinstall and sound wouldn't work and I'd need to jump through hoops to get it working, including another reinstall a few times. Other times video was crappy and a lot of work or another reinstall ensued. Usually both would be OK. But the cycle would begin anew once it was all working again.

I eventually put linux on it as a dual boot. It never had a problem. Winders would barf all over itself and be forced to reboot no less than twice a day. Linux only needed a reboot when $MOM insisted he use Windoze to play his kid games. He preferred linux because it never gave him problems (plus his favorite shoot'em up games were there). Winders had to be reinstalled a few times, and linux just cooked right along.

But mom insisted he had to play his educational stuff. So he had to spend a lot of time fighting with Windross. I'd get it working and it would last a day, two max. He'd go back to linux because he preferred it. When he was in Windows and I wasn't home, mom had no end of problems trying to get it to just cooperate for more than a few minutes.

Finally, mom put her foot down (me being man of the house and all): fix Windoze, get the kid's games running on linux or get a Mac (most of the games were dual platform, so Mac worked with all but a couple). Windows had to go. He got the Mac.

Winders is just too fragile. Mrs. Midget had few complaints when she used it because she was accustomed to its fragility and thought it was normal. Once she stopped using it and started using a Mac she saw just how crappy Windows is and couldn't stand having to deal with it. I'd already learned that a few years prior, but she never believed me until she had to deal with it when nobody else was there to do it.

A whole lot of people are like the wife used to be. They think crap is normal. Someday the scales may fall from their eyes.

-- I'd always thought music was too formal, and I thought 'well, I'll get into this and fix it'. -- Captain Beefheart

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Microsoft Pay Hosts to Choose Windows

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linux failure on older hardware 5116