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linux printing is a joke 1342

linux printing is a joke 1343
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So the 1.1.20 in your version of Slackware gives the same error message as I get, right? At least that what your sentence here implies. I fail to see the problem. The error is clear enough, and all it takes to fix is hitting the back button on your browser.

Of course, lusers not reading error messages is the normal way of things. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Shall we talk about Windows brain-dead printer handling?

- Reinstalling drivers when you switch USB ports, so that now multiple printers show up and Windows invariably prints to the wrong one? - Switching printer drivers mucking up your Word document formatting? - Having to reinstall your printer drivers because applications (most notably Microsoft Office) can't find the default printer anymore? - Hiding the paper size preferences 3 dialogs deep in the printer settings dialog? Under 'Advanced' settings no less?

I've done support for an enterprise deployment of WinXP and AD. Compared to the problems I've had to handle regarding printers, CUPS is a wonder of usability, and see my note below.

Eric rightly thrashed CUPS for it's poor network printer setup. I even admitted that in my original post. And frankly, even Debian comes with decent network printer auto-detection set up these days.


linux printing is a joke 1344
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-- "We will need a longer wall when the revolution comes." --- AJS, quoting an uncertain source.

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linux printing is a joke 1343

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linux printing is a joke