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linux printing is a joke 1346

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Yes, and you always do, no matter how "objectionable" the person I am responding to may be, especially if they are posting anti-LGX FUD. You are noticeably silent in these regards unless I or someone else refutes the BS, then you pipe up. So that tell me you are an anti-LGX-OSS Troll in this group to help foster the spread of FUD and demean and denigrate Linux and OSS in general.

Unix servers up 2.7%, Linux servers up 35.6% 1347
billwg And you fail to compare the NUMBERS. Talk about amateurish, you did not directly address what *I* *SAID*. I did not say that MS revenue was not...

Does that answer your question?

Unix servers up 2.7%, Linux servers up 35.6% 1348
You seem confused, Ralph, and your shift key is sticking! LOL!!! I think that you...

It's only an insult if the person considers themselves a clueless wintard, which you obviously do. If the shoe fits and all that.

Obviously long before you.

Nice flounder. You make a complete non-sequitur in an oblique attempt at trying to get a cut in at an OSS application; I respond, and now you are attempting to justify your abject failure to make any point whatsoever.

Geez, you're hopeless. Even as a troll you are incompetent.

Really? Then what are you doing?

It tells me you are truly an idiot, but I already knew that.

-- rapskat - 05:55:05 up 1 day, 7:42, 4 users, load average: 0.22, 0.28, 0.22 Courage is your greatest present need.

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Unix servers up 2.7%, Linux servers up 35.6% 1347

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linux printing is a joke 1345