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rapskat gets a conscience 10111

On Tue, 02 Aug 2005 19:42:40 -0400, DFS

You disgusting sick excuse for a human being.

Which just happens to be what he was. He was walking home with two friends, an innocent Christian student (yes, and don't sneer, because he *was* exactly that) and someone buried a f***ing axe in his skull. You think he deserved that, they you are utter scum.

By the language you are using, you are either trying to wind me up, or you are simply the most disgusting, shameless racist scum I ever came across.

Answer me this, in the days when a black man could be lyched for merely *looking* at a white women, never mind touching her, what was the whites' excuse for liquidate?

The word 'negroids' shows you to be a racist.

No, we attempt to be more civilised than that. Dig up whatever you like, I don't care.

When black people were invited to Britain by the government, to fill vacant jobs that whites didn't want, they were frequently met with prejudice. Nevertheless, may settled and became a part of our society. But the legacy of that early racism lingers.

It's not as simple as you'd love to think it is, not as simple as 'they're black, therefore they're inferior, worthless, dishonest'. It doesn't work like that.

rapskat gets a conscience 10112
This was NOT a forgery. Kier No more sick than you. LOL! I f*cking knew it... The media really has the world snowed. I don't...
rapskat gets a conscience 10114
Kier Realistic, monkey boy. Blacks kill more blacks than whites do. Blacks kill more whites than blacks kill whites. But that is okay for cola nuts. Christians like cat as well. He...

Because you are a racist privateshead, and it would just feed your pooty racism futher. And you brought the racism in here, not me.

There is plenty of white on white crime, too. Far more, in fact, since most people in this country are still white.

Tell you something: there was a shooting some time ago, a black gangbanger shot up a rival group. In the process he end his own half-sister. I find that just as horrifying and disgusting as what happened to that blakc boy the other day.

You have never, and will never, hear me claim that all blacks are perfect, notr that they are as capable as any other races of doing dreadful things to eachother and to other races. That isn't the point. The point is, whites do the same. And it's the whites who originally stigmatised the blacks. Millions of blacks were dragged from their own countries against their will to become slaves by white people. Who were the racists there?

You are quite disgusting. I am glad the grieving parents and friends of that boy cannot read your filthy lies about him.

-- Kier

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rapskat gets a conscience 10112

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