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taking a fstab at Linux

Infinite Loop: Taking a fstab at Linux Richard Frank Nov 24 2005

.. in my last column, describing how I had yet to board the Linux mothership despite writing for an open source magazine .. So out came my old laptop to put Linux through its paces before the great migration .. once installed, the system ran wretchedly slowly much, much slower than Windows with Microsoft Office 2003 ..

Why So Many Sercurity and bug Updates For SuSE 10 Linux PART1
I have no faith in the so called "many eyes" approach that Open Source pundits seem to babble about continuously. SuSe 10 is...

.. the real crunch came when I needed to save something onto a stiffy disk (remember those) because the network was not playing nice. When I clicked "save", there was no floppy drive option. It was working moments ago in Windows, where did it go?

My old faithful laptop is back on the Windows pill, and is loving life again ..

But this experience does beg the question: Is Linux really ready for the mainstream?

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I've yet to install Windows on a laptop that didn't require some kind of third party device drivers. A default installation gives you: No hi-res video, sound or modem. I've installed Linux on numerous PCs and only had one not recognizing the Monitor. I've never seen one not pick up the floppy. There is *no* A: drive on a Linux box. Fire up the File Manager and see if it is undermedia-floppy. Run Knoppix and see what hardware it reports.

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Why So Many Sercurity and bug Updates For SuSE 10 Linux PART1

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