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The 'changing your ISP' that you mentioned is something that I've struggled with. I still have my original ISP but have considered changing. The issues are:

Why I would change:

1 - Relatively slow. It's only a 384k DSL connection but I do have a static IP.

2 - Relatively expensive. I can get faster service for less with my cable company.

3 - No frills. Basic internet access and mail. Nothing else like web-space, newsgroups, etc.

Why I'm still with them:

1 - Reliability. My service has been extremely reliable.

2 - Email addresses. Myself, my wife and kids all have our primary email address with them. It's a pain to switch.

3 - Speed. Relatively slow compared to cable but 384k is plenty fast 98% of the time.

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4 - Loyalty. My ISP really went out of their way to connect me with DSL when I had zero other options. Today I can get faster internet access (with NNTP, etc) for less but these guys hooked me up years ago when nobody else could and I still appreciate it.

5 - Support the little guy. They are a small independent ISP that has treated me well over the years.

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Don't Ever Tell The Truth About Linux In Comp.Os.Linux.Advocacy

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