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the state of linux as i see it 13310


That it do :-)

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It's not really so hard these days, and getting less so. Ubuntu, for instance, has a great unnoficial guide to setting up the distro (why they don't make it official I'll never know). With compatible hardware, setting-up is usually a matter of accepting the default choices at installation

The situation is gradually improving, I believe.

The only really trouble I've had with Linux lately has been with trying to get wireless working. But I haven't got a wifi card I know ot be supported - my brother gave me one a friend had given him, and it turned out to be one of those that isn't on the 'good with Linux' list. But wired ethernet is okay, even on my new laptop, which proved problemmatic for a while. But SuSE 9.3 cured it.

Good for you.

Well, I wouldn't know from direct experience, but reading various PC mags over the years convinces me it happens. There are so many articles about re-installing, and how you ought to do it regularly, that it's impossible to conclude otherwise.

True. Though really all it generally requires is a little common-sense. A good book or two can help.


Let's hope so.

That's one distro I have yet to try. But I've heard a lot of good about it. I expect I'll give it a go one of these days.

They might be, if they weren't convinced everything is so hard, when it often isn't. My gradfather loved tinkering with radios, he even built his own in the days of valves. And he wasn't a highly educated man, he just read and learned by doing. Computers can be much the same, but nowadays most people just want 'plug and play'.

It's certainly an area that needs to be better covered by Linux. I'm sure the developers are trying.

I've heard the comparison made. I wouldn't say I wholly agree with its accuracy. But you could certainly look at it that way.

That's a good way to help promote Linux. Let us know how you get on.

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-- Kier

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A Peek at IE7's New Security

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