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Fuzzy Logic Operating Systems

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Hi everybody!

I am currently a research buttociate at the Vienna University of Technology & responsible for the creation of new projects. Currently, I have a new subject that involves fuzzy control and fuzzy logic operating systems.

What I want to discuss here is the reasons for using a fuzzy logic operating system that makes some decisions using the theory of fuzzy logics.

================= To incorporate the fuzzy idea into the operating system is not a devious idea to me, as complex systems do not have necessarily crisp arbitration. With *complex systems*, I do not only mean expert systems or other types of AI, but relatively "simple" systems like OS. Most often, (OS) designs do not incorporate uncertainties at all, and the computer languages used to implement OSs are using crisp logic. For instance, a C expression will either be matched (true) or not (false). If this is the way OS have been designed, the question is if this the (best) right way to do so.

The idea is to use fuzzy logic in OS design is not new. On the one hand, some FLOS products were already on the market (FuzzySoft AG), but the products were not accepted by customers (see other hand, some of these OS's could even make it and were used in fuzzy control systems (Bosch WET2820GB (BCH-WET2820GB) Built-In Washer Dryer, WFE2021GB, etc.). And there exists research to use FLOS even in hard real-time systems 1!

The reason fuzzy logic is used are: 1. Complex systems cannot be pinned down to a set of formulas easily. 2. It is very difficult to write down the knowledge of an expert in crisp, Boolean logic. The propositional logic cannot handle more complicated cases like believe revision, which may be necessary if several experts are asked. 3. Last but not least, humans think fuzzy. We express ourselves using fuzzy terms, called words. :) The effort to simplify the reality by mapping it to Boolean logic results sometimes in problems that are later found and their correction is expensive. And crisp complex systems do not behave optimal when confronted with the reality.

OS are responsible to provide the limited resources of the system to the processes. For real-time OS's, they have not only to buttign the resources but they have to guarantee a response time for each request as well. To avoid problems like deadlocks, limits must be defined that determine when a response time was too late, or whether there were other occurances that are not allowed. These criteria can be defined with crisp logic, "But most real-world application's knowledge is not so hard. The boundaries are more of a softer kind. An insignificant violation of a constraint may cause a crisp constraint satisfaction system to reject a schedule that could have been the best )beside the insignificant violation) to find. And that is the point where fuzzy theory is involved. Soft constraints are modelled by flexible fuzzy constraints" 1.

Another point is the constraint satisfaction. There are cases where not all constraints have to be satisfied. "Release dates and due dates of jobs and operations are obvious candidates for fuzzification. An operation may start a little earlier or later and a small due date violation may be acceptable either."

Also, at a higher level, a fuzzyfication may make sense. For instance, if I make a search for all files containing the word "radnom" in the file name, the file system could ask whether this should be "random". As a person who can understand five languages, it is also something I would appreciate alot if a word or subject searched is also searched in other languages the user knows. Also, a verb may have different declinations that are also interesting in a search. Another point is when searching all files having ... that are greater than 10 MB, say. Are here files are only slightly smaller than this minimum (256 bytes less than 10 MB) really uninteresting to the user?

We all know some helps used in sophisticated tools, like MS Office, that help alot when typing text. One of these features is the auto correction of words. This could be a service supplied by the OS so that all the software may make use of it. The price of making it available for the OS designer would increase the costs of the OS, but encapsulate this feature to it and will make all software better usable & with less code lines. So, the software for this OS will become more stable. Oh sorry that I forgot to say the link to fuzzyness concerning auto correction this time! But to decide which language is to be corrected is a fuzzy concern. If there is a citation of another language, the system may find out - as the reader also can find out the original and the cited text from a different language - using fuzzy logic.

I wrote these patches down only to start a discussion on this subject. The questions that may be discussed are: (1) Is it reasonable to fuzzify operating systems? (2) Where can such fuzzification procedures give improvements? What are the problems in crisp OS'es that would not be a problem for FLOS? (3) What FLOS have been used designed since now? What are their outstanding properties? What was the benefit of using fuzzy logic in design, development, testing? How did these systems react when confronted with real problems? (4) What about using FLOS in (hard-soft) real-time systems? What are the benefits? Where can fuzzy definitely not be used? (5) What about the impact on cost of OS development-implementation-testing? (6) ...

============================================================= 1 « Fuzzy and Possibilistic Approaches towards Scheduling Applications», Vienna University of Technology, diploma thesis of Thomas Länger, 1994-04-26.


Kind regards-Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

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