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Network Settings In VMWare Player

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On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 09:59:38 -0700, evilbastard9

When VMWare is setup (the host portion) it asks you what type of networking you want to use for your virtual machines. There are two categories: bridged and NAT.

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With bridged mode, the two machines are side by side on the same network. Here is an example:

W2K: (real computer using a real network address) FC5: (virtual computer using a real network address)

With NAT mode, the guest is "behind" a NAT layer on the host (W2K in your case). Here is an example:

W2K: (real computer using a real network address) (real computer routing to virtual network(NAT gateway))

FC5:   192.168.100.x (virtual machine, behind NAT, using dhcp)

More Information Bridged Mode I am not exactly sure how the virtual machine gets a real network address. I buttume it can use dhcp on the real network, but you'll need to find out more from someone else if you are using bridged mode.

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NAT mode Wen VMWare (the host) is setup it asks if you would like to use NAT networking mode for your virtual machines. If you answer "yes," then it asks if it should probe for an unused subnet to use for NAT. It also allows you to enter the network address manually. When this is setup, your virtual machines use dhcp to get an address (which the VMWare host provides for the subnet it is managing.)

-- Douglas Mayne

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Couple of renice questions

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