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Welcome to the new plex86 project.   Plex86 has been revitalized/rehashed to offer a very light (VM) Virtual Machine for running Linux / x86.   Rather than implement a heavyweight VM which can run all guest (OSes) Operating Systems, the new approach is to run only Linux VMs, making the new plex86 architecture on the order of 100x more simplistic.

As Linux - Linux/x86 does not make use of "corner cases" which require complex software techniques (e.g. dynamic translat I/O and other execut I/O monitoring methods), plex86 now implements no such techniques.   Guest Linux code is executed in a safe VM environment managed by a Virtual Machine - VM monitor.   Guest kernel code is executed at a less priviliged level, causing privileged operat I/Ons to generate except I/Ons which are managed by the VM monitor.

Virtualized I/O model:  because the Linux kernel can easily be configured before compiling to remove support for most all I/O hardware, the model for handling I/O in the guest Linux VM is greatly simplified and improved in plex86.   Excepting for some very lightweight emulatI/On of a few core components (e.g. interupt controller, system timer), plex86 does not model(emulate) I/O hardware.   All I/O interactI/Ons occur through a Hardware AbstractI/On Layer (HAL) which passes packets of informatI/On between the guest Linux and the host OS.   This not only removes the complexity/overhead of modeling I/O hardware, but allows for more flexibility in dealing with guest-host interactI/Ons and creates a truly virtualized Linux resource which is unrooted from the actual hardware.   Guest Linux drivers interact with the HAL to manage I/O related interactI/Ons (networking/disk/etc) with the host OS.


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