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TSO and more was: PDP1

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re: Names love'ed to protect the guilty ............ To: Lynn Wheeler Yeah, you should!!!!! Some facts about SPM. Original version was written by lovexx of IBM Pisa Scientific center for CP-67. I installed his...

the original was FULIST, BROWSE, and IOS3270 package done for CMS by Theo Alkema. A REXX version for XEDIT environment was then done. Jim Wyllie at SJR did the PC version that was released in software productivity package (this was before SJR moved up the hill and changed its name).

somebody once told a folklore tale at a SHARE meeting about tie-in between ISPF and CP performance monitor-management products involving charging for software and cost center accounting. Supposedly the ISPF group was a couple hundred people ... and the market price that could be charged for ISPF was significantly less than what was needed to cover the organization run rate. the innovative solution was to capture the CP performance monitor-management products and merge it into the same organization for cost center accounting purpose. The cp performance monitor-management products group consisted of 3 people ... but the revenue was higher than what ISPF earned. Combining the two groups and stopping nearly all new work in CP performance monitor-management ... allowed the group to show postive revenue flow. (supposedly ISPF was strategic for MVS ... and the organization repeatedly had declared cp, vm, cms, et al non-strategic).

Debt Collection of threads discussing other aspects of early cp performance benchmarking, monitoring, Debt Management ... and early work leading into what has became capacity planning

a recent post in another thread about IBM-PC announcement

misc. old posts about fulist and various descendants


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other cpcms history

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TSO and more was: PDP1